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If you're looking for quality BMW repairs in Tacoma at a fraction of the cost, you've come to the right place. Our goal at NW Autowork is provide the best BMW repairs in the area. We do everything we can to provide quality, affordable BMW repairs. While we prefer to work with factory BMW parts, we also work with third party to deliver additional savings. We can find solutions to get you the service and quality you need. Here's a short list of common services provided:

  • Check engine light

  • Oil Change

  • A/C repair

  • Brake Replacement/brake service

  • Transmission Service/Clutch Replacement

  • Inspection 1 E46 maintenance service & Inspection 2 E46 maintenance service

  • Water Pump Replacement & Thermostat Replacement

  • Walnut Blasting of intake valves (N54 motors, 135, 335i, 535i)


At NW Autowork, we specialize in BMW repair. Working with a specific make helps us to maintain efficiency and keep costs down. Your BMW is a highly specialized vehicle and requires tools, parts and skills unique to BMW. Having worked at the dealership and been trained in BMW repair, Marlon is extremely skilled and well equipped to make repairs on your BMW with the highest possible quality.



While these are services that we all need at times, there are also services that we want. A passion of ours here at NW Autowork is performance. That means getting you're car looking, sounding and performing just the way you want. Our lead technician has many years of experience modifying and outsourcing after market parts and solutions for vehicles. 

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